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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I rode 8.5 miles this morning, bike running a little sluggish on the hills, I had just put a new NTTC Carb. on it last week and hadn't done any tuning to it yet, but I knew it was running a little rich because the plug was very dark when I had looked at it and it was 4 stroking way more than normal.

This afternoon I pulled the carb, off, removed the main jet and checked it for size it was a #70 which I have found is a bit big around here in the hotter thinner air climate, so I soldered it up and redrilled it to a smaller #72, I then went on a 13 mile round trip ride and it was better but still not what it should be so when I got back I pulled the spark plug and it is still pretty Black/Brown instead of the nice Lite Chocolate Brown it should be, so when I get a chance I'll resolder and drop down to a #74 and see how that does.

I also cleaned the air filter foam and soaked it good in Foam filter oil that I also use on the filters of my Nitro RC Trucks and Buggy, this is the best stuff to use on the foam elements by the way dirt wont get by it like it will the K&N oil which is not designed for foam filters.

And also I am really luv-in my home made clutch pucks on this bike, very nice grip on this high compression engine......
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