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Default Greetings from Scootmeister Skunkworks

Hello everyone. This is my first message from the inner coast of North Carolina where you can ride year round. I built my first motorized bicycle when I was 9, a washing machine engine with kick start on an old cruiser. Basically, there were two speeds, slow and stop!!! From there I graduated to a 50cc Ducati, a Honda 90 and dozens of 2 wheeled speedsters since. I never lost my facination for simplicity, so now I'm back to building instead of buying. I started out with a 2 cycle Chinagirl on a mountain bike which I swapped out for a Grubee 4 cycle with stage II gearbox. I swapped that out for a Homlite chainsaw engine which has the same displacement but twice the HP. I hope to have the bike finished next month. In the meantime I've had a 99 WC-1 Whizzer on life support. At 115 miles, nearly everything has been repaired, replaced or upgraded. I'm hoping to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!! My next project will be a Schwinn Spoiler still in the box, with a NuVinci hub and a Honda engine. I've gotten many good pointers from this forum and escape here when I'm frustrated or stumped. Will post photos shortly.
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