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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Smoothe, ya gotta let me know where to send that beer. (cup of coffee would spill in the post) Long ride and #4 ride with the cheap forks off the $85 MTB. Rides better and safer then the $140 pair. Gonna go off on the next member who gives grief to a new person building with a cheap bicycle.

During the ride an older woman pulls up to me at a stop light. "You should put some reflective tape or lights on the back or some thing. You look like a tree" I was wearing a brown leather helmet and Carhartt jacket. I thanked her and rode away. After thinking about it, she is one of my biggest motorized bicycle fears. An old lady, a drunk and a car door tops my lists. After stopping, I put a battery operated flasher light on the back of my helmet. I wanted to take a pic but as I was doing this in a park, a seagull landed with 2 reflective things on his wing for some sort of research thing. So he could ride my bike safely as long as he flapped..

On the way and at the bottom of a long hill, my muffler fell off. Is the rubber blow bag so it bounced almost as fast as I was going. (kinda funny. took some great bounces) When it stopped, I turned back. Instead of screwing it back on, I just stuck it in my pocket. Man!!! HFs sound cool with s8t pipes! Like lil angry Harleys.

Left it off and warmed my pocket nicely. Smelled nice too. I checked to see if there was any burning rubber. Nope, just smells oddly like breakfast in a dinner.

Great thread. So far I learned a better ratio for this build and way better suspension. Really cool. Always some thing to learn from you's guys.

OH!!! duel front brakes rock!
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