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Default my bike frame is to big for me.

Hi. all. finally finnished my motorised bicycle, a mongoose 26in 21 speed montain bike, using a 49cc huashenge 4 stroke, it was the only frame i could find in the uk to get the engine in. Looks good. but unfortunately. my feet don,t touch the ground, and i can,t get of it without falling. I could just cock my leg over the saddle. but there is not often enough time for that, the tank is in the way, so can,t move down on to the cross bar., i could mount the tank behind the seat, spoil the look. or put a smaller rear wheel on. but that would create a lot of work, brakes would not line up . gearing ect. It was just rideable without the engine. and i could handle it, but with the engine and extra weight. it,s bloody dangerouse for me. tried different saddles, not much help. I need 4inch blocks on my shoes LOL. so looks like i may have to sell it and start again.

ALso the engine came with a 48 tooth rear sprocket/ it does not look as this will climb any gradient at all. only tried it in the garden, and even a slight incline would not pull up it. i think it needs a 56tooth or even a 70 plus, as i live in a hilly town. i saw his hill climbing test same engine, was impressive. or maybe a 9 tooth drive sprocket.

However this is accademic till i can find a safe way to get off it. or get my feet on the ground. even my toes would help. otherwise i am likely to fall into the traffic.

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