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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

Well guys I got my first set of pucks made today and installed in the bike I have that trashes the stock pucks because it is so high compression, did not have a chance to do much with it today but I did do a start up test and they grabbed very good and the engine just lit right off with no slippage of the clutch like it normally does this was never possble with the stock pucks even when new, I would have to ride and pop the clutch many times jsu hoping it would finally hold good enough at soem point to spin the engine, today I just got up a little speed dropped the clutch and it fired right up....I was very happy about that.

Now, I know this small test today really means nothing yet, I will not know anything for sure about the durability until put these through a few more paces but it is looking good so far I was very surprised that my custom pucks hooked up as good as they did.

I will be making another set to send to someone I pick to test a set as well so we will know if these are gonna be a go for replacing the stock ones.

The ones I made today are the round pucks but I will be working on making soem square ones also, I haven't tackled these yet but will soon, one of my engines has square an the other round and I know that there are many others on the forum who probably have the square pucks too, so I plan to make both round & square so we have access to either.

Hard for me to do the testing I want to right now, being that I am right in the middle of building a new work shop, but I will continue to post what I'm doing and what results I'm having as I work on these pucks.

Happy, safe, riding, all.....!

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