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Default Re: Skyhawk 66 Engine Float filled with gas

Originally Posted by Nougat View Post
That sounds similar to the symptoms I had here with a bike that had a left crank seal popped out of the case. You should be able to tell if the seal is popped out by removing the mag cover and feeling behind the magnet, because the metal tension spring in the seal might be sticking it to the magnet. Not sure if there's clearance enough for feeling this way on the right side, under the small bevel gear, but it's simple enough to find out.

In any event, if the engine is idling high for a period of time before eventually returning to normal RPM without your fiddling with the throttle at all, that's an air leak somewhere.
The seals appear to be OK. I found the problem though.....when retorqueing the head bolts today, it appears I over torqued one of the acorn nuts and stripped the threads inside of the nut. Replaced the soft acorn nuts with grade 8 nuts and so far everthing seems normal.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions on the seals.
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