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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

My Diamondback bike w/Tanaka 47R engine was at my apartment in town. After work, my son dropped me off and followed me to his home, which was 8.5 miles away. I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor. He was floored that my bike can commute to work for 8 days on a tank of gas. He fills his large truck up every week, at a cost of $96.00!
On the way home, my son said I was flying!
He clocked the bike's speed at 37mph after climbing a steep hill, and I wasn't pushing it to the max. He said it was not easy to see the bike's engine while I was moving or at a stop, especially when I was pedalling. It looked like a regular bicycle, except for the moderate engine noise, slight trail of smoke and of course the speed. I passed a bus and a hot rod truck along the boulevard. You could feel their eyes on me, especially when the truck was pacing me from a safe distance.
At a busy intersection, I was riding in the curb lane. I saw a car approaching behind me. It had its right turn signal on, so I pulled to the far left of the curb lane. This allowed the sedan to squeeze through and turn right at the traffic light. He paused alongside me for a few seconds, then turned rightand pulled away.

It was a police car.

I passed a few bicyclists on the way home. My son said they all stared at me as I passed them. He also stated that it was an odd sight to see one guy pushing his bike up a steep hill, and me riding uphill at 20mph behind a line of cars.
Surprisingly, the bike performed flawlessly. I was impressed, because I had just replaced its GP460 engine with the Tanaka 47R. Its maiden voyage was just a mile or so before this 8.5 mile jaunt yesterday.
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