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Default Re: Bike Shops that welcome MB's Map

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
LOL @ "moose repellent" Just struck me as funny WD.
In the interest of ..........whatever, I'm thinking I should help decipher my username. I was a contractor for............too long when I signed up to this forum. The day I signed up, I was feeling kind, as contractors do sometimes, so I decided, hey, what the heck, let THEM buy a vowel. So wood butcher <the Alaskan term for a carpenter or builder) became wdbtchr. Easier to type too after a long hard day of.....hmm, guess I don;t do much.

Also, Adam West was here for some grand opening several years uniform. The years have not been kind to him. He didn't even ride his batcycle!!! How cool was that, the way I brought the topic back. :>)
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