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Default Grubee and Raw motor comparison

I got my new Raw 50cc kit today for my wifes bike and I just wanted to voice my first impressions so far. I'm comparing this to the Grubee 66cc I bought last year and here's the differences that stand out. The raw gives me the impression of being well made, it seems a bit heavier and solid where the Grubee seemed fragile and kind of hollow for a lack of a better term. The first thing that stood out was the cooling fins are twice as thick as the Grubee's and the components seem better made. The exhaust port has a casting ridge around the inside about a 1/16" tall so I can only imagine how the rest of the ports look. When tore into my Grubee I honestly didn't know what you guys were talking about with flash in the ports, all of my ports were smooth and clean. The Grubee had alot more extras which was very nice. Out of the box I like the RAW way better but the real test is how it will run. We'll find out soon enough.
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