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Every Philipino that I have met (so far) have been very intelligent.

The left handed throttle will surely slow-down thieves.

After having a $30.00 battery stolen from me, and having my back tire stapled, I too have been brainstorming on ways to slow-down thieves and other malcontents.

My new idea incorporates stun-gun electrodes on either side of the seat, running across the front knob. If the rider does not throw a kill-switch, it will fire-up with a pressure switch hidden on the seat. The battery also would be hidden under the seat.

I considered just switching the CDI output between the seat and the spark plug, but have concluded that the voltage is not high enough.

Most bicycle thieves are male, and I can attest that this definately would stop any male thief at least for a few minutes. I'm confident that the prototype will be finished by next spring, along with my second build.

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