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Default Re: Bike Shops that welcome MB's Map

Have had that same conversation Smoothe. "Your defeating the purpose" I reply asking what that is. Usual responses are "fresh air, exercise" etc. To which I say I have bicycles for that. This is some thing different. Never appeases em, but usually gets me out of the endless loop of conversation. Kinda annoys me that some one is attempting to explain to me, my want's and purpose. I pay a perfectly good Dutch woman for that.

Was thinking about the black balloon thing at work today. Was driving past a bike shop that will not talk to me when I walk in the door and really want to "black balloon" em. rat bat-turds (sort of our version of "black balling")

Can I do it Dave? huh, huh? LOL

Side good thing about doing a bad thing. Would help good and motorized bicycle friendly LBS's
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