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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I replaced the drive sprocket. The previous gear was set up for the smaller size chain which came with the kit. Since I had modified my motor a bit, it has a lot more horsepower than that little chain could handle. Within 40 miles the chain had stretched and weakened so much that it broke. When it broke the chain bunched up and stopped the motor, and bent a few teeth on the drive sprocket. I tried to bend a few of those teeth back, but they broke.

I called Gasbike and ordered another one. Unfortunately the one I got back was not the right size. The spindle on my engine was too small for the cog and the keyway was much wider. I thought about shimming the sprocket but before that I had one more option. I had a dead happy time sitting in a box. I got out my cog puller and it was the right size shaft but had a bigger keyway. I then got out my dremel tool and shaved half of the keyway so that it fit both my current shaft and new/old cog.

I have the new 415 chain on the bike now and I hope that it will work for tomorrow. I seem to be working on this bike as much as I ride it. In the Air Force they called those type of planes hangar queens. Since I started this hobby I have gone through about three engines and two kits, two rear hubs, two Mtn bike frames and two sets of rear dropouts (I changed my current bike from a vertical drop to a horizontal track type with a added derailleur hanger.)

I will see tomorrow if all of this will pay off.

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