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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

More paint, a bit of painting, and a coat or three of paint. Oh...and I've been sizing up the layout of the fuel line to leave room for the glass-bowl fuel filter I picked up at NAPA. Would you believe they had a couple right there in stock. I will always ask at the store level now, before ordering online. I didn't have to worry about shipping and I had it in my hands less than a minute later. It never hurts to ask. I had the same luck with the metal throttle mount I bought there - they had some in stock. Right there. I'm beginning to think my local NAPA stocks it all, everything NAPA carries. I haven't found anything yet that wasn't right there on the day I asked. The manager must be a real wiz, he knows if they have at least one of something when somebody comes in to ask for it - he makes money.

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