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Originally Posted by wdbtchr View Post
Hey, too cool Dan, the way you slid that link in there. Barely Awake showed me how to post links, so I can do it myself now. Been meaning to learn how to do that for years, but I guess the ole mental block was too firmly cemented into place. Anyway, thanks guys.

Old girlfriend told me once, "you can build a 12 unit condo, but you can't wash load a dishwasher?" I still use paper plates.
LOL, I understand. Can do some amazing things with one's hands but some trivial thing and its like wut? I build our computers (not hard) but have to hand the Uber remote to Carol to get the dang thing to work. I say it needs a co-pilot and a NY lawyer to function. She says I need help. (same thing, right?)

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