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Default Re: introduction/questions for the experts

Originally Posted by squirrel View Post
I just read through the tensioner threads and now have a better understanding of why its there. i also read the anatomy of your bicycle and now i know the chain is hitting the seatstay. i upgraded all my hardward to #8steel when i did the install. as well as adding an fuel inline filter, there was alot of rust in that first tankfull!
i've always checked the chain tension before i ride. im pretty sure that its always tight on the bottom but loose on top, thats where it hits the seatstay, mabye my drive sprocket is mis-alighned?
Make sure the clutch is pulled in. So when you adjust the chain tensioner, It also takes the slack off the top. Once the chain is tight on the top and bottom. Role the bike with the clutch pulled in. If at any point the chain goes tight to slack. The rear sprocket isn't perfectly centered,and needs to be adjusted. If the sprocket isn't centered it will cause the rear bearings to fail.
Keep us posted.
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