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Welcome Joey !
I think you have a fine bicycle there and one that you will NOT wear out. Worksman makes a great product for sure. Although I can't say anything about the Dax Titan since I've never actually seen one, I can speak highly of the Staton Inc kits. They are beefy, heavy duty, industrial grade built to last , just like the Worksman bicycles....kind of goes with the theme, ya know ? One thing I'd look for though, the freewheel sprocket for the back wheel may need to be machined out to fit the Worksman rear axle....not 100% sure on that one, but definately something to look into. Also of note, I'm glad to see what appears to be a drum brake on the front wheel. The heavy rolled steel rims on the Worksman bikes aren't compatible with rim brakes, and I'm not aware of any disc brakes that would work with the Worksman wheels either. I do know there is an outfit in Maui that does downhill bicycle tours with Worksman bikes equipped with the drum brake in the front and the coaster brake on the rear. They ride 27 miles, ALL DOWNHILL, with a 10,000 foot drop in elevation. I figure if the drum brake is up to that challenge on a daily basis, it will be just fine for a motored bike. Whatever route you go with an engine kit, be sure to get one that is reliable ! I sure wouldn't want to have to pedal the beast home or up many hills in the event of a breakdown. Good luck and let us know how it comes out
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