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Default Re: introduction/questions for the experts

1. locktite is your friend.
2. have a tool kit with the necessary tools and extra tire tubes and brake/throttle cables in there. I always change my tires out for the slime tubes to stop major blowouts, but it's always good to have a spare or two..
3. Coaster brakes are worthless. It's great that you're swapping it out for the V- brakes as they work infinitely better than a coaster..
4. Also really good that you switched out the hardware to stronger metals as the stock kit ones are almost like butter.. I can't count how many of those buggers I stripped before just taking care of that of the get-go..
5. your drive sprocket might be misaligned, but it could also be just extra slack in the chain.. You can adjust the tensioner wheel and that should take care of that.. if you still have it bouncing then yah. it's probably the drive sprocket..

As far as oil goes, I am a huge no HUGE advocate of the Opti-2.. you can pick it up at any ace hardware and it runs less than 2 bucks for a packet. drop that packet into your gallon gas can and you don't have to monkey with mixtures anymore. I have over a dozen builds on the stuff running strong and wouldn't use another oil if I was paid.

It will take a few to get it running up to speed, but once I broke my last grubee 50cc I got it going 42mph off the stock least that's what the officer told me I was going..
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