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Question introduction/questions for the experts

My name is Squirrel, I live in Muncie Indiana this is my first build. The terrain in the country is mostly flat but i live in town which has a few hills and alot of stop signs (college town).
I've been reading different threads since i put a china girl on my Trek Aluminum Classic Beach Cruiser. I'm going to post what i've done to her and ask some questions. i can take pic's and add them to the thread if need be.

removed the rear wheel and replaced with a 26" freewheel from a motorized bicycle due to a faulty coaster brake.
i plan on changing out the current hubs and rims with quick release ones from a Spechalized mountain bike
added front and back v-brakes using mounting kit
dual brake lever from SBP
expansion chamber pipe from SBP (im working on porting and polishing the aluminum gasket and exhaust manifold before the install)
added a digital/magnetic sensored schwinn bicycle speedometer/odometer.

Ive been able to take her on mabye 20 rides, none longer than 30 min's. I took it real easy on her in the beginning.The last time i took her out i let it rip for mabye 30 sec's and she pulled up to 23mph. yesterday i pulled out the spark plug for the first time and it's definately running rich so im goin to move the c-clip in the carb and install the expansion chamber pipe on monday. She's on her 4th tank of gas at 16:1. The carb seems to leak fuel constantly, it's not alot and i'm not sure from where but i think its the crappy fuel lines that came with the kit or the small crew on the side of the float housing
my main concern is with the chain noise. it slaps around from side to side and hits the downtube of the frame and my rear fender. the clearance is fine top to bottom though. I haven't installed the chain guard and i'm not sure i'm going to for asthetic reasons.
Should i just buy the upgraded chain from SBC and get rid of the tensioner or am I just not goin to be able to get rid of the problem on this frame?
any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
thanks in advance
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