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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
sounds cool!

as far as mine generating heat, it was mostly because the clutch slipped ALL the time because of the torque my modified motor was putting out.

Yeah I know what you mean bairdco,

one of mine has such high compression that it's super hard to get started because when I pop the clutch it just slips, I have less than .010 between piston and head touching, I shaved the crap out of the stock slant head, it pull pretty good with that extra compression but I'm on my 3rd set of pucks with just over 200 miles and on my other stock engine I have 854 miles on just the 2nd set of pucks and the first ones weren't all that bad yet.

I need something better real bad on the H C engine, I'm so dang tired by the time I get it cranked sometime I dont even feel like riding anymore.....LOL

I got it started and went on a 18 mile joy ride yesterday with a not so good seat on it anw woooo weeee, I could be a star in a show called saddle sore canyon......LOL

I was wore out time I got it started and then it beat the crap outa me on the ride.

I will come up with some good durable pucks far this bike and hopefuly it will be so that I can offer them to others who are having the same issue, the stock pucks do fine on a stock engine in my experience, but when we start the mods and increased compression then that is when the trouble starts, I even have another mod in mind that might make these engines like ours hook up better, but I'm not gonna share that yet because it might be a waste of time and then again it might work great, wont know until I have the time to do it and see what the results are.
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