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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

The only time the clutch should generate heat itself is when it is being engaged and then disengeged, Ect.......... this causes it to slip just a bit in the process so in this way yes it will create some extra heat plus these little engines seem to run a little hot also, IMO....???? a high grade material designed for industrial clutches like I have should work better and last much longer under the high heat conditions, I will know this as soon as I get a set made and test them, been real busy, in the process of building us a new 1600sq. FT. shop building, then I will have the extra room I need to do a lot of things.

First time we get a rainy day when I cant work on the new shop I'll be in my current little work space making up a set or 2 of the pucks, I plan to send one set to someone I choose here on the forum so more than just myself will be conducting the test run to see if this material is a good choice and holds up well and if it does then I will be making up as many sets as I can for purchase, if it turns out that I can make them at a reasonable cost to me so intern I can offer them at a good price, I will offer them for sale here on the forum to those who feel they need or would just like to have a better set of pucks, I will need to make a little something to cover my time and expense but I hope I can offer them at a cost that the majority will see as good & fair.

Only time will tell so , wish me good success and we'll see how this all goes.....

I wanting to get started on this project, but my little lady has me a little bogged down right now with things she thinks are more important than " MY TOYS " she calls them...!

Ya gotta love-em, they're just doing the best they can, but they will never think like us fella's and that's just the way it is, actually this is probably a good thing.......!

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