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Default Brainstorming

I used to have a cable choke on MOOP 1 and it ruled all kinds of rule but on MOOP 2 I like to keep things simple. Heck,it only has the coaster brake with no front brake because that's how the bike as been since the 70's.
And I keep my speeds down even though that China engine wants to go faster.
But these China engines have their choke all wrong. The choke should be on the left side so you can keep your throttle on the right.
So I guess you COULD try to rig it so you can choke with your left hand.
OR.. switch the throttle to the left.

Yes i know. It's sacrilegious.

I mean ALL motorcycles have the throttle on the right.

It's the way of the world.

But it shure would be easier to handle that choke with your left hand handling the throttle.

It shure would feel weird though.

Anyone done this?

Anyone now planning to do this after reading this thread?

How about anyone that got their choke on the left side?

Then I thought if I had my clutch lever on the right,then I can actually use my hand signals at an intersection whereas before I cannot because my signal hand is holding the clutch in.


Then there are the thieves that may pause to figure out what's going on here,just enough for you to tackle them down and save the day.
You have found the fountain of youth. Ride and forever stay young.

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