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Default Re: Tinsmith's in frame gas tank for cantilever Schwinn.

Well, it has been awhile since an update, so here it is. The past two Saturdays we have worked on the tank for a few hours and also done some bike riding, so the tank has languished some as we took advantage of spring riding weather. All work and no play makes for dull old boys, so we went truant in the afternoons, going vroom in the countryside.
You will recall that I am doing my solo version of the tin tank and it is now finished. A few photos show some things not covered in detail before, so here goes. The flare on the side pieces was less than perfect in my unskilled hands and proved to make the job harder when it came time to solder it up.
The first photo shows the tank top and side pieces clamped together. Second shows the spacers inside and the third and fourth show additional small clamps which are holding small pieces of wood which push up against the top piece to hold it tight against the flange. All of these clamps hold the tank together so that hands are free to deal with soldering it together... coming up.
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