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Default hey! from ohio... and uuhhhh WV too!

well i spend half a year in WV and half a year in ohio...

i totally stumbeled onto this by total accident today. i was watching top gear and researching the minsk motorcycle hammond rides in vietnam (s12e08) and in looking up minsk i found motovelo (old russian motorcycle maker) and, then this site.

all i can say is... awesome.

ive built tons of fixies, flip flops, sigle speeds, double speeds, ect...

this motorized (really its an engine) bicycle thing is great. just what i was looking for. something to save me on gas on short commutes, and WAY cheaper than even a turdy motorcycle.

anyways, my name is levi and i have several bikes i could put an engine in... with that said, id like to start with a kit.

whos kit is the best bang for the buck? also... SPEED! you guys race too??

i have so much to learn! haha.

also, let it be know... i need another hobby like i need a herpies outbreak on my face... but this is just to cool to pass up!

for what its worth.. im about 6'1" 200lbs

thanks guys!

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