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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
what the **** are you talking about? I was saying that about my back wheel.
LOL He just miss understood what you were talking about....Ok here is my 2 cents on what needs to be done to your bike(its a great looking ride by the way)I like how you polished the side covers....

Ok first off,those fenders are going to kill you....they are a single hanger and you need fenders that are double hangers(that is were there are 2 sets of hangers coming down from the fenders that atatch to the bolts on by the tires....I had one bike were the back tab broke and it sent me sliding for 50 yards,I got lucky and wasent hurt....Go to your local bike shop and you can get a nice chrome pair of balloon double hanger fenders for around 35 bucks or so(they look super sweet and super thick and last forever)....

Second thing the rims have to go,expecially the back one becouse it will never hold up,(you can get away with leaving the front one alone if your straped for cash)The back one will bend,break spokes and cause you nothing but headeaches.....Your local bike shop will have a heavyduty back rim for around 50.00....I have a pair of 12 gauge heavyduty rims on mine now and they have been there for 2 years and are still like new and I drive over pot holes and everything going 20 to 30 mph....

Now the next suggestion is just cosmetic....Your gastank is way to far back,it looks goofy,if you want to get that cool motorcyle look move it up to the handlebars were it belongs and it will look much cooler....

P.S. on my back heavy duty coaster break rim,I use just that for breaking and it has lasted great and breaks perfect....I do have a front break,but never ever have to use it....
IF I CANT FIX IT,IT ISN'T BROKEN!....ummmmmmm so I thought....

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