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Default Re: NEW i am planning on building a bike but NEED some advice

I bought a $70 dollar with a nice rack on the back 1969 Schwinn Racer, welded steel frame built in Chicago and damn durable.

Cleaned and greased all the bearings and re-revited the noisy fenders and the thing rolls pretty nice, albeit on 30+ year old rubber.
And the chinagirl engine $140 shipped off ebay fit the frame like a glove. I made a hub adapter/sprocket mount at work and that really was the other key piece for me. If I were to offer any advice it would be to go with a sprocket adapter and dont mash your spokes.

I did not want to use the tensioner/guide but ended up using it about inline with the tire and it has been problem free. I would like to weld a slotted slider bracket to my chainstay and put a small sprocket idler on there. In the meantime I monitor the junk stock tensioner/guide and enjoy the ride.
I only locked up my rear wheel once when I first got it together and before I had the chinagirls chain guard on and my pants got sucked into the drive sprocket. I didnt fly with the rear locked, I unthreaded my pants and went home and fitted the guard.
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