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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Got some plumbing installed. This is the steam feed line. Just behind the boiler stack you can see the 100 psi pop-off valve. From there it runs through a ball valve which serves as the throttle (it will need a longer handle - ouch!), then a T fitting with a plug in it (this will be drilled out for a steam oiler), then another T where it goes to the head and through the pigtail to the temperature/pressure gauge. Since the steam will be over 300 degrees, some shielding might be a good idea as it looks like my leg will be rubbing against these lines (ouch again). If you are the observant type, you'll notice the gauge is in the wrong place, technically. Normally, you would want it on the other side of the throttle valve so you can regulate temp and pressure before putting power to the engine. I can get away with it this way because this is a single-action stream engine (power only on the down stroke) so it isn't self-starting. I'll be able to power it up and it won't run until I turn the flywheel or engage the clutch and get the bike rolling.

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