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Default Re: Stealth 4 Stroke

DO YOU NOT SEE THE .50 CAL MACHINE GUN TURRET? Professor? Well then, it's a pretty good job of stealth, I'd say.

J/K It's a "Micargi Stealth" cruiser. At least it was until I got ahold of it.

Billy-Boy; I would get creamed riding out there on Shea. I will have to fix my wife's ford ranger and load up for that, but I'm always down for a ride with you. Maybe next time you'll let me ride that stretch of yours more than once around the block!

I took the 1/2 link off of my chain and adjusted the wheel in the dropouts. I still used the tensioner to keep the chain from rubbing the tire. I have some more space in those dropouts so I'll try to fit that wheel as far back as I can get it. Are there any techniques for that?
But I had the chain going at such a wierd angle that it was pullng my rear sprocket off! I got up to Metrocenter from my house and the bike starterd making intermittant noise and clunking every 1/2 second or so. I Stopped to adjust my tensioner and noticed that the bolts were coming out of my sprocket! They were actually unscrewing themselves!. I had a real interesting ride to work today and am currently fixing the problem as we speak. If it's good enough to get home, I can buy more bolts for the sprocket tomorrow because they've been sheared by my coaster brake arm. I will then locktite those bolts into the hub adapter.

I'm going back to Copper State Bolt & Nut tomorrow for some bew sprocket bolts!
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