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Default Re: How does a clutch work?

Originally Posted by Nougat View Post
Oh I see. When you pull the clutch lever, the plates separate so the gears can shift without engine load. Let the clutch out, and the plates spring back together, and deliver engine power to the drive train.

I'm not real good with clutches, but that's about it.
(Just in case anyone is looking at how fast I'm posting, my phone vibrates every time I get an email.)

Thanks Nougat, but Ive established that pulling the clutch lever releases the clutch. My concern is the linkage in between. I am not planning on replacing the clutch in a lifan engine. I want to use a clutch sold to replace the one in the lifan engine. Use it in a completely custom application. Ideally I would mount the clutch to a large cog belt pulley. Custom shaft, custom bearing to support the shaft. My conceptual blank spot is the linkage pushing or pulling some part of the clutch. Does the shaft move? Is there a shaft in the shaft that moves?

btw thanks nougat for helping me define my question. Hope I'm making sense to people here
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