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Default hello from Colorado

hi all, well, around the middle of June I got bit by the motorized bicycle bug. and now I just about through my first tank and have worked out most of the bugs but I'm still check things before I take off as if I were Orville Wright at Kitty Hawk.

I love biking and just needed to pick out which of my frames to use. my Miyata 210 frame seemed perfect to dedicate for it's wheelbase, size and solid tubing and ability to mount the engine. It's really comfortable and no vibration in the seat and just a little in the bars (Bontrager Buzz Kill bar ends work Period). total weight is only 58lbs.

running a 40 tooth
and a 42x16 single speed pedal side-just right to get going




I have about 60 miles on the engine so far and can't wait to switch to Castor927.

I pretend I'm Che on the Norton-la Poderosa

peace all. and for goodness sake-get out and ride a bike that doesn't have an engine.


oh, and the kill switch is exactly that...and it has been removed.

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