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Default Nomad Bicycle

I don't know a lot about bicycles, but this one I ran across seemed pretty nice. I was out riding my motor bicycle and this guy came over and ask about my bike. Then he ask if I'd like to take a look at his. It was obvious he was really proud of it.

The he gave me the 2 cent tour. It's called a Nomad. He said it's his only form of transportation. He was about 20 miles from away from his home were I met him, and he indicated that's not unusual.

I was surprised it had fat tires. For a bike that gets ridden all over town it wasn't light weight, but it did seem really sturdy. Starting at the rear it had a Rohloff 15 speed hub. What impressed me about this hub the most besides having 15 gears, was he said it will shift to any gear even with the bike stopped.

Moving to the front it had a Schmidt in hub generator. I confess I've never heard of it, but he explained it had very low drag, and made maximum power at something like 2 mph. The bike was equipped with a LED head and tail light. The lighting had a capacitor that keeps the light on while you're waiting at stop lights. I think he said it was 3 watt but it looked pretty bright to me.

Another interesting feature it had was that the frame was made so it could come apart. If you notice on the top tube just in front of the seat post, and on the down tube just above the bottom bracket there's a alloy ring on the frame. This is where it comes apart. It seemed like a very high quality type of fitting. The whole bike reeked of quality.

I didn't ask how much it cost, but I'm pretty sure he had a lot in it. I told him he needs to motorize it. After seeing my bike I think he might at least think about it.

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