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Default Re: Clutch Pucks upgraded anyone?

I plan to be making these pucks in the square and the round pucks if all goes according to what I have planned, but I cant say 100% yet the material I have is also metalic impregnated and is designed for use on industrial clutches, it's not cheap but I think I can make pucks to sell for under $20 per set, shipping in the lower 48 might put them in that price range but if they last 3-4 time or more langer than the stock pucks we are already money ahead, just need a little more R&D before I know for sure, but I will be posting something ASAP, and will likely randomly PM someone on the forum to test a set or two so we can get some concrete results on how they work and how durable the material is, ,when I get the first set made on put them in my latest build I will know something pretty quick I hope, because the engine is modified with much higher compression and this kills the stock pucks real quick, and it is very hard to get it started becuase the stock ones slip when I pop the clutch.

Stay tuned in guys I plan to have something done in the next few days if all goes well.

Sorry if I broke any forum rules by anything I said in this post, I dont think I did but if so I appoligize.

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