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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

hi all, I've taken lots of tips on the motorized bicycle forums and I'll introduce myself properly in a while but here is a couple tips/troubleshooting solutions:

this refers to 66cc HT and related motors
1)center and tighten the rear sprocket while it's on the bike and the chain installed-the center whole on the sprocket may not be perfect and I've found chain tension the best way to make sure it is centered and true

2)we HT owners have a tendency to pull the plug and check to make sure everything is okay-the compression gasket is mostly a one time use and I was getting some blow by of anti-sieze and oil after a couple reinstalls. So, I made a gasket out of the same material I used for the intake manifold ( #1967 Asbestos Free NEA gasket material) from Checker autoparts. I make the center hole small enough so it has to be threaded on. this goes on after I put a copper washer. the plug sandwich is (plug, copper washer, gasket, head). No leakage and compression is great-I made a couple and put in tool kit.

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