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Default Re: thick or thin base gasket?

Originally Posted by metalliatic View Post
so you think a thicker base gasket is better. but what do you do to gain the comppression lost at the base? use a thinner head gasket? then you risk blowing the head gasket right?
thats the impression I get. I think the thread died though.

I wanted to IM Bairdco but cant figure out how. Eiher of you technical folks have any idieas on what went wrong/ I took motor off to shim forward and elim. tensioner on coasterbrake wheel. Ran O.K with48cc skyhawk alum. intake and CNS carb KN style free low filter. while eng. off I port matched intake and exh. gaskets snd opened up the manifolds to a less round end. I got no power and holding high idle in neautral the eng dies like starved for gas. Oily plug carb lleaner tested good seal!!

Changed to nt carb ROCKS like never before- maybe 30mph 41 tooth sprocket. Same plug.
I want to put CNS back with its larger flow. How might I start to adjust it after I blow out the jets and see if they mightv'e picked up crud somehow?
I btlieve Iv'e given all current variables.
I love this forum brothers, I get lost in here way too long reading your genius inputs. you know who you are.
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