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Default Re: new exhaust I put together for my bike today

Tom, (2door)

I made it from 3/4" electrical conduit and used a Klein Tools conduit bender to shape it, yes it is much quiter than anything else I've had on either of my bikes, but it still has a nice sound, it isnt choking the engine down at all, it is still very responsive and still pulls good also.


I have a pretty dang steep hill about 1/2 mile down the road outside our gate and its a fairly long uphill climb, before with the super loud mainly wide open pipe it would loose about 4-5 MPH by the time I got to the top of the hilland now with this pipe I loose around 6-7 MPH thats starting up the hill doing about 30 MPH and going around 23- 24 MPH at the top now, so I did loose a slight bit oh speed on the hills but not much and it sounds so much better it is worth it on the hills.

I didn't loose any top end speed though on flat ground or a slight incline, it will still hit 36MPH with my 36T sprocket so.

I like it so well I'm gonna make one for my other bike and also for the one I have in the really works great.........not hard to build with just a few tools, I did braze the muffler on and the mounting tab, but mainly just a tubing bender, a 4.5" hand grinder with a 1/16th cut off Disc, an electric drill, and my acetylene torch I used to do the brazing and a pencil for making maks on the tubing so I would know where I needed my bends to be. very simple project if a fella has the tools and well worth the effort IMO.

Iyou can build you one and see what I mean about how good it sounds and how well it woks, just be sure to drill that 3/8" hole in the center of that diverter plate that is in the muffler, it may not flow good enough if you donet, it wll be quiter but may to to much power away.......just a hint/thought on that part of it.
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