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Originally Posted by recumbentbill View Post
This is what happens when you use a cheap bell [from wal mart] chain. Any suggestions on the best bmx chain to use. Other than the chain the bike is performing better than my previous builds. Pulls all the hills in my area and on the flats has a top speed of 33mph
I was looking at those because it was convenient and reading the lable "Not for motor drive" I wanted to test it but hesitated. Next day I'm getting a exhaust on the honda and next door theres a garage door shop, BING, I believe he was interested in the project enough to help me out, didnt even know what to charge. Charges me 1.50 a foot for 5' (turns out pacing it off gave 7' OAL). Trying to be helpfull he throws in a 1/2 link (doesn't fit BGF heavy chain or 1/2X!/8 coaster brake chain and I can't throw anything that may be usefull out, I'm gonna suffocate in this rat nest. Any how no-name chain yet to be tested.
BTW one failure is not good science. Get 5 more and report back to us with your survival ratio LOL. Peace
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