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Default Re: most of you know

I decided to switch the engine to another bike. I stuck it on a 26" full size cruiser. I haven't finished but I thought it might be interesting to keep track of how long it take the second time.

In the first 2hours I removed the clutch and throttle controls, removed the wire connections, the rear wheel on the sissy, the chain from the rear sprocket. I checked the fit on two different frames, then figure out how to rig it and set the engine on the larger frame.

I reinstalled the engine, reinstall the clutch and throttle controls.

That took me several days the first time I did it. Now I have to remove the sprocket from the sissy wheel and reinstall it on the big cruiser. Move the cdr and kill switch to the big cruiser. Last but certainly not least reinstall the chain. It will most likely be to short leaving me to head out to Wally's place to try that bmx type chain from bell. Truth is I'm curious. If that doesn't work I'm going to be begging links again guys. So you are forewarned.

I can't see what I've got left taking more than a couple of hours except for picking up the chain.
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