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Default Re: Dan+1's 1st build

Originally Posted by dan+1 View Post
The engine
Arrived at FedEx location

same state now. already got a flat to fix on the bike... LOL.
I put those extra thick " flat proof " tubes in mine and no more flats so far, since I ride a lot on country back roads and many of them are dirt roads, I think the thick tubes are a real good idea, at the bike peddler in Brownwood he has them and they are very reasonably priced best I remember, I had a tube blow out on me running about 30MPH on the rear of my first build and sent me into the bar ditch and all over the dang road trying to get that sucker shut down, i was a wild ride there for a few seconds, to bad someone didnt get on camera, I'm sure it was pretty dang funny to watch...........LOL

After that event it didn't take me long to get some good tubes in my tires and the hicky I pinched up in that bike seat was epic...........! Not really of coarse but I did come close to severly messing up a perfectly good pair of underwear....!

My wife got a dang good laugh at me over that little deal and said I need to up my life insurance because I was gonna kill myself on that dang bike.....!

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