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Default Re: Ahoy from Long Beach!

Well I decided I'd do things "the easy way" for my first attempt, so I went on BikeBerry (thanks to their helpful banner ad at the top of the page) and I was delighted to see I could get the whole kit-- engine, hardware, exhaust, and bike all together! That might be cheating for a "do-it-YOURSELF" project, but I don't mind taking baby steps. No sense reinventing the wheel.
Anyway it turns out they can't ship to me (or let me pick up my order) because of some California law. Or something.
So I had to cancel my order and now I'm trying to figure out where to start again.
As far as my "craigslist" expectations; I honestly don't see why 150 mpg on a bicycle would be terribly unrealistic if my pickup truck can get 22 mpg at 60 mph hauling around a heck of a lot more weight than just me and a bicycle and a little tiny motor.
Okay, so now I gotta figure out how to start. What do most Californian motorized bike builders do... tear an engine out of a leaf blower?
Thanks for all the welcomes!
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