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Default Re: Harbor Freight Mig welder

flux core is nearly worthless for thin sheet metal. I had a cheapo wire feed welder someone gave me and it was nothing but trouble. The wire feed speed had a mind of it's own and I never couldn't get any parts for it so I tossed it. I can't think of anything I could use one for in bike building except for a frame weld if I had no other choice. We have a Lincoln 100 at work and even that has limited uses. My friend has a Lincoln 125 with gas and it's night and day. If you have to have a welder a co worker of mine bought a cambell hausfield at wal-mart that he says works good and I think it might even have gas capability. If you do get a wire feed /mig unit make sure the gauges and regulators come with it. I personally stay clear of anything from harbour frieght. Just my opinion for what it's worth which probably isn't much.
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