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Default Re: Tank leak fix

I use teflon tape, usually 3 full wraps, then as many gaskets as needed to get the petcock turned in wrench tight, but facing where I want it.

For those not familiar with teflon tape, it is white, very stretchy, and comes in a variety of widths.

The trick to wrapping it on is to make sure the loose end is away from the direction you tighten it in.

Looking at the threads pointed away from you, you would screw the petcock into the tank clockwise, that means you wrap and stretch your tape on counter-clockwise so the tape end doesn't buck the tank threads putting it on.

If your tape is thinner than the threads start at the petcock end with a full wrap, then work down to the open threaded end with a little turn and stretching.

Again, the loose end goes with the flow, not bucking it and so do the tape laps with regards to gas flow direction like with roofing.

Just one of those tips where you go 'duh' but don't always remember, kind of like when cutting off attached zip-ties.

Cut the adjustable end of the zip-tie where it hits the keeper end and you can re-use whats left of it for something a little smaller.
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