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Default Re: Making a Harbor Freight engine look vintage/antique?

Who is it that has argued this point of it working that will be the first to prove it......?

I know I haven't proven that it wont work because I know it could, but others who have rang in on this discussion haven't proven it will either.

We need evidence one way or the other to settle this curiosity and if I've been mistaken about every question I've raised I'll be the first to admit it because I could be dead wrong in my thinking, I'm just afraid of it not oiling right, starve one of these engines for oil just a bit and it will be toast, I've already been down that road with one of them, I guess that's what worries me about mounting one that way.

Peace all, I hope we know for sure some day in the near future, always good to learn something new about something we have or are just curious about.
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