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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Son-in-law is a good guy, just quiet. Good thing because daughter fills in the gaps, keeps that boy on his toes. I'll have to corrupt him by tempting him into his own motorized bicycle project. Then he can escape his wife once in a while!

Man, I hope she doesn't read this ...

Finally got the boiler mounted up. It took some fiddlin' because it turns out that brass bar stock doesn't like to be bent at a 90 degree angle - snaps right off. Had to make steel angle pieces to bolt on the strap ends and then draw them up with those. I'll post pics of that next - forgot to download them to the computer.

Oh, and the engine is mounted permanent now, too. In the process of doing that I found my chain won't fit the jackshaft sprocket! humph - thought I ordered the right one. Well, turns out I did, but the sprocket is too fat for the chain so the chain doesn't settle into it the whole way, making it look like the sprocket and chain have the wrong tooth/link spacing. So I'll put the sprocket on a diet and take it to the bench grinder.

That tail light is 100 years old. So is the headlight. I'll make a bracket for that next.

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