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Default Re: Yet Another OP Roller Build

Originally Posted by Ursus View Post
Unfortunately i didn't have a file or a grinder. Quiksteel cost me 3 bucks and the u bolt cost me 1.25 I got them both at home depot. I had a square piece of steel lying around. No shipping no waiting. Except the 15 minutes it took for the epoxy to set. Epoxies today are not the same as they were a few years ago.

manufactures description

QuikSteel is an all-purpose, full-strength adhesive that bonds like epoxy and hardens like steel hard in 15 minutes - full cure in 1 hour.
QuikSteel seals where other products can not - under and in water, in chemicals, and even in a liquid while a leak is occurring. It is safe, fast, long lasting, chemical and heat resistant.
QuikSteel can rebuild, reshape and repair almost any surface in your house and car, including all metal, wood, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, most plastics and masonry - even concrete. In fact, we can't think of a surface that QuikSteel won't work on. One square inch of QuikSteel can lift three cars. 500 temperature resistant Bond holds to -90 F
Thanks for the reading the label. We all know what the product is supposed to do. However, from experience, it living up to that is another question in itself. Any reputable mechanic knows that even a real weld (spot, tig, whatever it may be) is capable of breaking on occasion. If you hit a pothole, speed bump, or dip in road wrong and the motor shifts enough; your quiksteel job is going to have to be redone. On the package they say nothing about being shock or vibration resistant. Those type of products are meant to be used temporarily, not to be considered for a permanent fix for something that is constantly vibrating and flexing. Best of luck with your project, but I know that I wouldn't get caught with that caca on my bike.

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