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Default Re: Making a Harbor Freight engine look vintage/antique?

Originally Posted by dmb View Post
check out b&s j.r. dragster motors.. i'd dig in their dumpsters anytime. talk about getting a speeding ticket on the freeway!
The engines you speak of here are Briggs reproduction " CLONED " engines and for the most part.

They also run on Methanol and run extremely hot, it would last maybe twice around the block if put on a bike as it is run on the Jr. Dragsters.

but if it were toned down a bit and put on gasoline with a good overall set up oh..........! Yeah...........! it would take one heck of a bike to handle one of those custom " Briggs design cloned " Blockzilla engines, they are wicked fast, but only actually run that good if set up on Methanol and a big cam grind with larger valves and very high compression and advanced ignition timing.

amazing how they push that liitle rail at 80+MPH
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