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Default Re: Making a Harbor Freight engine look vintage/antique?

Originally Posted by msrfan View Post
Good points, mapbike. I'm glad you cleared up some questions. I was hoping someone with more experience with these engines would post. I know when a crank and rod hit oil, it may foam. and where there's air, there's no oil. No one has mentioned the Honda 5hp OHC motor. The GC160 is an upright motor that may be a good candidate for a bicycle.
Yes the GC160 might be a very good engine for the bikes, and thank you for understanding my points, I was not trying to come across as hostile to anyone at all, I just thought there were a few things to be considered on the overhead valve engines that might cause an issue when or if they were mounted at to much of an angle, I could be completely wrong in my thinking on this but knowing these engines pretty well is why I posted the points I have on them being mounted at what could possibly be to great of an angle.

I hope if someone comes across one of them that is working great at such a severe angle, they will post that information with some pics so we can know for sure whta the answer is to these questions I have on the topic.

Thanks for the input here msrfan, matbe we will all know the answer on this for sure in the near future.

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