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Default Re: Making a Harbor Freight engine look vintage/antique?

Well, let me ask all you guys who think the overhead valve engines can tilt at a very extreme angle and be OK a question or two......

How many of you have ever been into one of these OHV engines?

I say dont be so quick to give advice to someone on this matter if you have not even had any xeperience with one of these engine....these are NOT the very mechanically simple flat head engines, I built one of these GX200 clone a couple years ago and put a custom made billet con rod in it not knowing that the crank journal in my engine was about .001 -.0015 to large and this was enough to not allow it to oil properly and I cooked a high dollar custom Billet rod because of it, these clone engines are much tighter tolerenced engines than the old flat head briggs engines and I've built a truck load of them in my life along with the old Tech. HS 50's ect. and from my personal experience the Hoda engines are by far the best, even the clones are better than a Briggs most of the time but they are very picky about the oiling.

Dont get me wrong here, I'm NOT saying it cant be done but because I have not seen one of these engines placed in that kind of an angle and ran successfully there is and was NO way I would tell someone that it is OK to do it or that I think it will work because the briggs engiens are OK with it, these aint briggs engines and just because they have a dipper oiling system doesnt automatically mean you can get away with it, I know a slight angle will work because I've seen these engine mounted on Rcae Karts at a slight angle, but if the cylinder is positioned vertically the rod itself, and the counter weights on the crank shaft will be what is plunging down into the oil and not the dipper, this could actually cause too much oil to be slung up through the push rod channels and cause way to much oil on top of the head under the valve cover and if it does this, the crankcase pressure will likely push large amount of oil into the PCV hose and right on into the airfilter housing or out on the ground if the hose isnt hooked to the housing, these engines build a good amount of crankcase pressure and tend to put some oil in the filter housing as it is when they are mounted the way they were intended to be.

Please understand that I'm not bashing anyone elses opinions here, but I have a good amount of experience building and working on these engines so I'm pretty familiar with there strong points and the things that are potential problems if things arent right.

I just will not give advise on something like this that is unproven and risk telling someone that something will work and then they cook an engine because I told them I think it will be ok because it works on a completely different designed engine.....

I would like to know if this will work or not but having the crankshaft actually running in the engines oil supply is not a good thing on one of the overhead valve engines IMHO, but I'll take back everything I said here if and when I see one of these runing and holding up well mounted with the cylinder veritcal or close to it.

As to the quality issue raised about the Clone engines, these GX200 clones will probably out last 2 or 3 of the old aluminum bore briggs engines and unless several things are upgraded on the old Briggs the clones will run circles around them STOCK also, way more torque and potential horsepower with only slight mods. so these engines aren't junk as many may think and if someone wants to build one and make it scream out 10-14 HP here is a site that offers many upgrades and How to info. on everything about these GX200 Clones, Affordable Go Karts - Home page - AGK - and if you can get one to work at a major tilt, the carb issue can be solved by using a Tilitson Carb and a custom intake that is available on this site I have listed, browse around and just see what all can be done to these clone engines and they run like a scaulded ape with a few mods.

Dont mean to upset anyone with this post, just not gonna tell someone something will work if I dont know for sure it will thats not very ethical at all and could cost someone a lot of money and trouble.....!


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