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Default Re: EUREKA I Found it ! Bike Bug, Aqua Bug, Tas Spitz, Sears Free Spirit, & Little

The boss came walking in the shop the other day, he had this little 2 cycle motor called a Bike Bug, he said if I wanted it I could heve it. He bought it back in the 60s, ran it on his bike till the drive roller wore out and its been laying in his garage on a shelf since. I looked it over and it seems to be all there and its very well built, but I had no way to handle it or check it out. So I made a jig out of some conduit pipe and a piece of angle iron and welded it up so I can install a motor on it and clamp it in a vice. The gas tank has had some rust in it and the roller was definitely worn. I took the spark plug out and shot a little gas in the motor, took my cordless drill and spun the fly wheel, it took right off in a big puff of smoke. Looks like its going to be a winner. I did some web searching and there is a guy down in Texas that refurbishes and sells these motors, so I ordered some new parts and I should get them pretty soon. I'm going to clean and treat the gas tank. Looks like this motor will fit on a coaster bike only. With the workmanship on the motor it definitely is not Chinese, maybe Italian or English. This is as far as I've got on it, but it sure looks like it'll be fun to tinker with. He alsohad the original parts and service manual.
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