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Default Quest for Rear Wheel

Hey everybody!

I am a 25 (26 this year) married dude who loves bicycles and used to ride bikes (I still have a unlimited cc bike license) except the biggest bike I owned was a 2-stroke 150cc which went 170 kmh (probably 190 max?) that inevitably broke down on me years ago when I had to study overseas (still unmarried then). It was a ****ty bike anyway that I bought for 500bucks and cost me more to fix up, and was probably illegal (the guy who sold it to me said he used it for backstreet races). Well I was poor and poor so I bought it. Anyway I kinda hate motorbikes due to my wealthy dad rubbing it in my face (he has about a quadrillion Ducatis, and never once let me ride one) and being the reason I wanted a motorbike was to be like dad.

Back to now, I love bicycles as it was my first passion, apart from inventing (lol) and me and my wife have a pretty cool bike that we love (granted its not an expensive bicycle) with really good suspension, light, and strong. It is a 120 dollar kmart bicycle but it sure doesnt ride like one. We have two of them which we always ride together, and she has a big aftermarket comfy seat for it.
Here is a pic:

I have always had the customizing bug (my first motorcycle as before had this gold body via a gold metallic spray paint and sanding as well as hundreds of other goodness know what custom stuff, even washing machine tubes i dont know wtf i was doing then lmao) and right now I decided to start a new project I have been wanting to do for ages, and I know it is more important to me than just a project as it will help me be happy and recover from quitting a crappy job which i dont want to talk about.

This is the frame of the project:

(bought for 10bucks off ebay, chromoly)


a wheel bought off ebay for 5bucks that I really would like to use as a rear wheel.

The problem is its a front wheel incorrectly listed as a rear, and I have to now convert it. As I am a newbie (as the name implies) I assume that would mean I would have to install hubs that would allow me to use it as a rear wheel. I have been searching for kits from motorized bike stuff to install a sprocket, and so far I have emailed so many people and read so much its not funny. lol. but i am laughing. its good for the spirit or at least for my sanity.

So I hope someone here can help me install a sprocket on the wheel, hopefully two single speed sprockets (one on each side) so I can put a motor on it. I am looking at 4 strokes one and 50cc ones as my state law wont permit one above that cc.

Thats my long story short and I thank you for making it this way if you read it all.

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