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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Lookin good Smoothe
Thanks Buddy! I have to tear em down and will report. I have to go back and reread but some one here did warn me to go with the HD ones and really really tried to warn me. So is prolly my own dang fault. lol, usually is. The main forks are just pointed forward so may be salvageable. I hope. They look and work great. Funny part is with this build I was worried about the very cheap kmart bike. The chain stays meet the seat stays with a really small and not well lined up drop out weld. Thats fine. Ah, always some thing to learn. Kinda the cool part.

Spring is coming!!!
Hey Dan sorry to hear about the failure and that you are OK... I also have the cheapie springers on my Crannie so if you can post images it will be helpful to look for the same defect and maybe prevent an accident...

You are right Spring is coming I got to ride yesterday till the bike began over richening and fouled the plug. I swallowed my pride and the Crannie and I took the bus home rather than trying to limp it back...

Here is what I found:

That 1/4" of cable pull transmits to half choke at least.... OH well luckily it was an easy problem that did no damage, it could have been worse. Any one have a repair Idea to secure the cable better besides squashing the hex retainer?

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