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Default Hello from SE WI.

Hello new member here from SE WI, bought this old Chicago Schwinn about a month go with the intention to motorize it with a china girl.
Received the engine about a week ago and got all the pieces put together.
Still kind of cold here but I have been riding it some, always wanted a Whizzer as a kid and had the exact same Schwinn Racer as a yout (I'm 31 now) so its kind of cool to have one exactly like I had only now motorized like a Whizzer.
I wanted a Whizzer as recently as ten to 12 years ago but could not afford the big money for such a novelty.
I was very happy with how the china girl mounted in the frame and fit very nicely and I had pretty good clearances all the way around. I had to bend the left side of the crank a bit but it turned out nice and also made my own sprocket adapter I knew from the get go there was no way I was going to mash the spokes like that. Rolling on 30 year old rubber right now while not worn it is a bit dry rotted I wish there were more tire choices available for this rim, oh well. Want to get a more comfortable seat.
Love the website, thanks for all the information on it.

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